Monday, September 5, 2011

Dickheads progress - Cover WIP

Hoo boy! It's been a flurry of activity here at the Safe House, Dickheads. Some updates!

Just finished colors on the last of the interior pages for the brand-new 24-page Dickheads adventure, "28 Minutes Later". Now I'm on to the cover! Here's a sneak peek at the inks!

I wanted something bold and in-your-face to contrast with the action-less nature of the characters. Kind of passive-aggressive -- just like the Dickheads! Fun Fact: the composition of the piece is based off of the poster for The Lost Boys. Now, Josh is no Jason Patric, but Jason Patric wouldn't look so hot with half of his face ripped off, would he?

Also, the pinups keep rolling in. Here's a WIP on a pinup from my good pal Rob Reilly, the creator of the upcoming comic mini-series, "A.K.A."! Here, Rob envisions Josh feeling a bit nostalgic about when he used to eat food of any kind. I like to call this piece, "In Memory of Meat".

Some pics of the process behind this piece can be found on Rob's blog.

We're fast approaching the first show on the Zombie Dickheads Fall tour, Nashville Comic and Horror Fest! I've been burning the midnight oil, as well at the morning, noon and evening oil getting the book together. After the cover comes lettering and book layout. I've got an IV hooked up for meals so I don't have to leave the old workstation, so I think I'm good!


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