Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dickheads in the news!

The word is out on the street, the internet, uh, street, about Zombie Dickheads! Check out the Press page for archived news and mentions. Since some of these have the same info, and you're all such busy people, here's a brief rundown:

Yesterday, both FEARnet and Shock Till You Drop posted the press releases, and That F'ing Monkey embedded the 8-page preview.

Today, Comic Monsters put up an interview with yours truly containing the preview, and Geekscape posted a very nice review of the preview. Chris Arrant makes mention at Robot 6 about the book, as well.

Also today, my appearance with Chris Taber on Mike Norton and Chris Crank's Crankcast is up on their site.

I think I got everything. If I missed anything, let me know!

Stay tuned for more Dickheads news, and if you're a blogger, podcaster, or journalist who has covered, or would like to cover Zombie Dickheads, or would like a pdf copy to review, drop me a line at And for all you smarties looking for a free book out there, I will be checking credentials, so you'll just have to buy a copy, scan it and bit torrent it like everybody else.

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