About the Creator

Chris Moreno was a comics creator working for the past 10 years in comic books and illustration - that is, until he was killed in a freak accident - mistaking the water bottle he mixed his paints in with the water bottle he was drinking from.  But, as that Brendan Fraser mummy movie said, death was only the beginning.  After rising from the grave, he returned to the career he had spent every day of the past 10 years doing so well.  Since then, Chris has created art for comics, film, TV and video games, and things have never been better.  His work has appeared in Motel Hell from IDW, Disney's Toy Story for BOOM! Studios, The Minions of Ka from Arcana, and Paul Jenkins' Sidekick for Image, as well as World War Hulk: Front Line for Marvel.  His other creator-owned character, Sanz Pantz: Ninja Platypus appears in the Popgun anthologies from Image.  Chris has contributed storyboard, concept and production art for advertising and television, like Disney XD's Pair of Kings, and video games like 2K Games' Mafia II.  His newest creation, Zombie Dickheads, is his most personal work to date, an attempt to convey the experience of what it means to be an undead person in America today.  As of this writing, Chris shows no signs of slowing down.  "With the exception of that slow period while I overcame the effects of rigor mortis, my productivity hasn't been higher, " Chris says.  "I think my best work is yet to come."