Saturday, November 12, 2011

Zombie Dickheads storm NC Comicon. News at 11.

Greetings, Dickheads! Here's another tale of convention madness -- this time at the NC Comicon in Chapel Hill, NC! I was there spreading the good zombie word, and I was joined by my cohorts at Lost Story Studios in their promotion of our new horror anthology, DeathCurse, which was a con-exclusive comic produced by Ultimate Comics, the sponsors of the show.

Here's the Sad Bastard Brigade themselves (l to r: Brockton McKinney, Bo
Fader, Jonas Britt, Bridgit Scheide, and me; not pictured: Larkin Ford and
Jason Strutz) Photo by Doza Hawes.

It's a pretty sweet book, a combo of Tales from the Crypt-style horror, and 80's VHS schlock. Definitely contact the store and see about getting your ass a copy. Or hit me up at my next show. I'll have my own copies for sale.

In addition to drawing a story inside, I designed the book and did the cover. Made that bitch look like an old VHS box!

The show was a blast! Had a great time hanging with old friends, and making new ones. Made a bunch of new Zombie Dickheads fans, and did a few more zombie portraits, too!

Did this one of little dude Kent. Couldn't bring myself to
call a kid a "Dickhead", even if it's a term of endearment.

I did one other sketch, but I forgot to take a picture (I did do a lot of drinking that weekend...), so if you're out there, missing Zombie Dickhead, and you can send me a photo, I'll put it up!

I also did a watercolor sketch of Lisa for collector Kevin Chen. Kevin had a pretty impressive sketchbook where he just asked artists to do whatever they felt like, and I asked if he wanted one of the Dickheads. He said go right ahead. He even hung out as I worked, and he took photos as we chatted.

Photos by Kevin Chen
It was a really interesting look and style of a character I've gotten used to drawing one way. Got me thinking about how it might look to do all the characters in this style. Stay tuned on that.

So, all in all, it was a great show. Thanks to Alan Gill and the rest of the crew at Ultimate Comics for hosting a kickass con, all the fans for coming out to say "hi" and get books and sketches, and to Big Daddy Brockton McKinney for letting me crash at his pad, and for throwing the mother of all BBQ's for our own little DeathCurse wrap party. Next show up is The Great Allentown Comic Con in Allentown, PA, Nov. 19 & 20. Come at me, bros (and lady-bros)!


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