Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Zombie Dickheads of ZomBcon and LBCC 2011

The Dickheads convention train keeps a-rolling, folks, and one of my favorite things is doing zombie portraits of people in the back of the book. Here is a sampling of the ones I did at ZomBcon and Long Beach Comic Con. I present to you some brand-new Zombie Dickheads!


This one was for Dan Potts, a photog for Zombie Zone News. Check out his show pics here.

These next few are for super-fan Garth and his lovely lady Grace. He bought 3 copies! Thanks, Garth!

One of the copies had a printer error -- two blank pages in the middle of the book (no pages missing, luckily), so I did an extra sketch inside:

Benton and his boy, Zephaniah:

Gregg's always been a big supporter, and here's me showing my appreciation:


Long Beach was the con for lovers, apparently. I did a couple, uh, couple's portraits:

Thanks to everyone that came out to support the book and get sketches. Next appearance is NC Comicon this weekend, Nov. 5th and 6th! I'll be there with copies of Dickheads, as well as signing the debut of Lost Story Studio's new horror antho, DeathCurse, for which I provided a cover and art for one of the stories!

That's all for now, Dickheads. Stay rotten!



  1. Although mine just got mixed in with the mass, i think its the best, i mean, hipster mirrored glasses on a zombie is awesome. Im getting mine matted and framed.

  2. Chris, I just picked up Zombie Dickheads this past weekend at NCComic Con and I effing' love it. Please tell me there are more dickheads coming in the fiture that I can get my hands around......pun intended! So is there?

  3. Thanks, Greg. I think more zombies should be as fashion conscious.

    Nick, glad you dug the book! As of right now, this is the only Dickheads book around, but there are definitely more stories around the corner. To know the Dickheads, is to love the Dickheads.