Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zombie Dickheads ARE coming to Seattle's ZomBcon!

Things are in a bit of a scramble here at the Safe House, as we get ready to head up to Seattle for ZomBcon, the West Coast's biggest zombie convention. We're all very excited to bring the Dickheads out to the undead masses. In addition to copies of the one-shot, we're going to have at the table an exclusive, limited-edition print of the Dickheads trying to blend in with the Seattle zombie crowd. It's a small run of 50 prints, which'll be signed and numbered, so act fast while supplies last.  Check it out here:

See you all in Seattle!

Also, just wanted to thank everyone that's ordered books so far. Orders are shipping with new ones on the way. There have been people asking about spreading the word to their local retailers, and I'm going to start putting together flyers and retailer packs that I'll have here on the site that can be printed out and distributed if you'd like. In the meantime, just direct them to this site. And if you're a retailer that would like to order copies of the book, drop me a line directly at I'm a one-man shop at the moment, so the fact that many of you want to help out means the world to me.



  1. Hi Chris! Posted on Twitter as well - met you this past Saturday at ZomBcon in Seattle. Picked up a copy of Zombie Dickheads and I just love it. I want more! I need more! Wow, I was laughing through the whole thing. What a great comic. A true gem, just like you! Was great meeting you, so glad I was able to speak with you.

    Kerry G.

  2. Thanks so much, Kerry! Great meeting you, too! There are definitely more Dickheads stories on the way. It's just a matter of fitting it in amongst my other projects. I'm shooting for doing at least two books a year. I'll be keeping everyone posted here on the site.