Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome, dickheads!

Welcome to the home of the ZOMBIE DICKHEADS -- a comedic look at the undead apocalypse from the point of view of four dysfunctional zombies who don't eat human flesh, as they attempt to find a place of their own in a world where they don't fit in amongst other zombies, humans, and each other.  

The Dickheads first appeared in the Zombie Bomb Vol. 4: Dark Daze from Terminal Press.  A 48-page one-shot is on its way in Oct., to be sold at this year's conventions, with digital download to follow soon after.  The one-shot will reprint the original Zombie Bomb story with an all-new 24-page story and pinups by some of my favorite comics artists.

I'll be making announcements here -- works in progress, press, and convention appearances -- all the dickhead news that's fit to print.  But you'll have to check it out here, folks, because Zombie Dickheads are NOT coming to get you.

They have better shit to do. 

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